D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 14

B’orange is a Word in Dwarvish

There is a fox in the hen house, and the group is trying to find out who.  After defeating Lennithon, Tarek and the Head Smashers landed into political turmoil.  There is a spy on the Council of Waterdeep.  This could be the reason why there are fractures in the grand alliance.  It also could also be why assassins always find them at their weakest moments.  It isn’t just espionage that plagues the group, there is deceit at work.

Locian Moonshadow has sold Xonthal’s Tower to the Black Network.  Like ripples in a pond, The fissures in the Alliance grow further apart, and it’s up to the group to decide between a healthy profit or a solid allied force.  Old allies and new partners are having troubles with the decisions of the group; even that has cause splinters within the Head Smashers themselves.  However, there is some salvation, and it comes from an old ally.

The Scaly Death Clan arrive to pledge their support (Season 1 The Hoard of the Dragon Queen,) how will the council take their help?  Where does the group look for help?  The undead nation of Thay sends an emissary to discuss a partnership, is an offer from a lich worth exploring?

Liches, can't live with em, that's pretty much it.

Liches, can’t live with em, that’s pretty much it.


On a DM’s note, this was the best session of the season.  The role playing that happened inside Thay was amazing.  Everyone stuck to their principles, and they stuck to their characters.  It was a pleasure to run and the guys all did an amazing job.  It was fun to listen to again, I hope that everyone has a great time listening.

What is the most perilous alliance your group has ever made?  Have you ever made a deal with a lich?  Can you really trust someone who has preserved their mental faculties for the sake of immortality?  Let us know in the comments below.

Music by Incompetech.

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