The D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 16

An Old Frenemy

An old foe appears again.  The sword Hazirawn has corrupted an ally, and it’s up to the Head Smashers to save the day and destroy the sword.  This is a foe the group has been fighting since their first adventure.  It’s going to strain relationships and test allies.  It is not just the sword they have to face.

The Copper Dragon Tazmikella has ownership, and copper dragons are known for trickery and deception.  They will be going into the heart of her lair to reclaim the sword.  If you know anything about dragons, then you known that they don’t part with their treasures, and will part the heads of thieves from their bodies.  This fight will push the abilities of the group, and then test the boundaries of their friendship.

This is one of the last episodes, the finale starts next week.  If you have missed any of the adventures, you can start at the beginning here.  Thank you for joining us on the adventure.  We hope you enjoy the last few episodes, and if you want to contact any of the cast members, you can find us all on twitter:

The Cast:

Paela -Halfing Monk, played by James Fraser (@jamfraser)

Locian Moonshadow -Half Elf Warlock, played by Evan Dickson (@EVDickson)

Tarek the Bard of Destiny -Dragonborn Bard, played by Tom Chounpanh (@tchounpahn)

Vondal Loedrr -Dwarven Cleric, played by Miles Baker (@MilesABaker)

Hakh -Half Orc Barbarian, played by Trevor Coleman (@trevorcoleman)

The DM -Human Ginger, played by Jon Robertson (@Fotoguy79)

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Music by Incompetech.

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