D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 6

Into The Misty Forest

Slaying a dragon can be hard work, but it can also be satisfying work.  Tarek and the Head Smashers clean up what’s left on the ice flow.  They try and find a way to dig up the treasure frozen beneath the ice, and as all adventurers do, chop up a dragon for magical gear.  Did we learn nothing from Pete’s Dragon?

Pete's Dragon

Money, money, money, by the pound. Oh Dr. Terminus, you were just born in the wrong setting.

With gear and dragon flanks in tow, the group finds an erudite ice toad name, Marflub.  Hakh does get a case of the giggles, but the group begins to learn more about the Draakhorn and the Cult of the Dragon.  The group learns the gravity of the situation and just how powerful the Cult is.

The group is at a cross road.  They must decide what the bigger threats to the Sword Coast are, and they must find a way to neutralize the power the Cult has.

They meet with the Council of Waterdeep to see where they should go next, and they decide on heading into the Misty Forest, which is under siege by a green dragon.  It is stepping into poisonous waters for the adventurers.

Has your D&D group ever killed a dragon for parts?  What is the best magical item you got from a dragon living or dead? What is the toughest dragon fight you’ve encountered?  Let us know in the comments below?

Many thanks to Klontak for the image.  Check out his awesome work on Deviant Art.

Music by Incomptech.

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  1. Ian Buchanan

    Great podcast! I love the dynamics of the party… we need ice shoes! lol
    We are facing the same dilemma – what to make with dragon parts. A frostbane sword with dragon heart string at the center sounds about right.

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