D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 9


The Cult Strikes Back

The Cult of the Dragon has been quiet in the recent weeks.  Tarek and the Head Smashers have killed two dragons, imprisoned two Wyrmspeakers, and run amok on the Cults plans.  They are not content with stopping there.  They have learned of a possible double agent within the cult who could help them.  Xonthal’s Tower is far in the south, but it could be worth the trip if it means the group can score the Blue Dragon Mask.

Hazirawn has been put in the keeping of the Metallic Dragon Council, and the Alliance at Waterdeep has made some concessions to secure, concessions that may cost future partnerships.  Can the Lords Alliance still have a force to beat the Cult if key factions begin to fall off?  Some allies are beginning to show cracks in their partnership, could the Cult find a way to exploit these weaknesses?  What can the group to do hold all these interests and egos together?

The group has a small time to recover and bolster themselves.  The Cult has been relatively quiet, and there may be time for the Head Smashers to relax and enjoy themselves.  This would also be the same situation as someone saying they only have two days left until retirement and asking would could possibly go wrong?

Sometimes you just want to have a quiet night in, and sometimes you get a big draconic surprise while you sleep.

Ambushes have me like.

Ambushes have me like.


Join us for Episode nine of the D&D Podcast, thank you for coming along on the journey.

Have you ever been ambushed by your DM?  What is the biggest surprise that has attacked your group?  Have you ever ambushed a group of players as a DM?  Let us know in the comments below.

Special thanks to Bryan Syme for his awesome image.

Music by Incompetech.

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