Firefly – keeps on Flying!

In 2005 a little canceled show, Firefly, got a feature film. (No six seasons and a movie with Fox!) The next spring, a twitter conversation sparked the concept of seeing the movie on the big screen again. And if fans were going to do it, why not do it for charity?

Celebrate 10 years of Charity!

Celebrate 10 years of Charity!

And this is the origin story of Can’t Stop the Serenity, a play on a line in the film “Can’t Stop the Signal, Mal”. The first year saw 46 cities in five countries do a screening, including Toronto. At one point there were 106 cities involved across nine countries, and Toronto has participated every year. This year is the 10th screening, and it’s back at the first venue, The Royal on College. In the past nine years, the Toronto committee has raised a total of $52,580. Shiny!

The primary charity, and the one that the Toronto committee has always donated to, is Equality Now, an NGO that focuses on education and advocacy of women’s rights around the globe.

In the past the Toronto crew (as the committee calls itself), has held screenings with a charity auction of memorabilia, special hand crafted items, and bundles with autographed items from Joss-verse actors. From the first, it was followed by an informal “shindig”, taking its name from an episode title.

This year, the crew decided to do something bigger! The screening is starting at 11:30 and runs to 4:30 with amazing cash auction. Immediately after the screening and auction, they have arranged for a buffet dinner and improv show at the Comedy Bar, at Ossington and Bloor. The show is being preformed by a long form improv troop who has done many Whedon inspired shows. I’ve seen them perform, and it is glorious. The tickets for a combination buffet and show are only on sale until Sunday May 31st and are $40.

Tickets for both events are available here, but you only have a few days left.

CSTS After

Me, I’m going to keep flying – see you there!

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