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Geekpr0n is all about escape rooms, so when LockQuest opened up recently, we jumped at the chance to try it out. Our four person team was comprised of players whom had never played an escape room before and those who were seasoned veterans and we all had fun. It was immediately clear to us that LockQuest is created and run by people who really enjoy what they are doing. They pride themselves on building a fun atmosphere and using improv to offer hints and progress the story which is both innovative and engaging. Their mission is to make sure that you enjoy your experience and they hope that most teams are able to successfully escape.

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The premise of the game is that you are invited to a book club and once you reach the apartment where it is to be held you and your group are abandoned by the host and realize that he is the illusive “Book Club Killer” and you only have an hour to escape. The space is mocked up to look like an apartment and the game relies heavily on teamwork and communication. Unfortunately with a group of four people, we were at a disadvantage; LockQuest has designed their room to be taken on by larger groups. There was certainly enough to see and do that a group of eight people would have been ideal. LockQuest does allow you to book with a game that is partially filled so that you end up playing with strangers; while this does allow for more players in the game, there is a disadvantage in not knowing and trusting the people you are playing with. The clues in the room were fun to interact with, although not the most innovative I had ever seen. I eagerly collected information and was stuck as to how to apply it, and that was satisfying for me. The answer did not come too easily, and that made each revelation more exciting as we worked our way towards the solution.

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Ultimately, LockQuest had its pros and cons. While the game was fun, it was difficult to coordinate a large enough group to really have a chance at solving the room. The cost per game is $28, placing LockQuest as more expensive than a number of their competitors, but the location is very convenient for anyone taking Toronto transit. There were little touches that made the experience more personal and fun (and no, I will not spoil what they are), and that lead me to recommend LockQuest to any puzzle or escape room efficianados out there. It is certainly amongst the better facilities in Toronto; unlike so many that simply repurpose office space into single room games, it’s easy to see that LockQuest is committed to creating a great experience for their customers.

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