Hello NSA: Valentine for a mass surveillance society

Even government agencies need a valentine – is basically the premise of “Hello NSA” which cleverly incorporates security watch words with a catchy tune.

Its creator is Peter Chiykowski,  who is also behind the webseries Rock Paper Cynic: Comics for Naysayers and Ne’er-do-wells.

I met Peter when he performed for the Toronto NaNoWriMo midway event. NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month project that is now international and encourages participants to write 50,000 words in November.  The event brought together many geeky musicians including Debs and Errol (who we recently interviewed) and Copy Red Leader who have songs inspired by both Star Wars and Princess Bride.

Peter released the “Hello NSA” video this week for the song that had me laughing out loud at the NaNo event. While it was shot in the summer (look no snow, do you remember what that was like?) the video focuses on the over-surveillance nature of our society.  But it’s his light approach to the lyrics that won me over.  The verses include such phrases as “We’re the “u” and “i” in “uranium”, enriched and so enhanced” and  “Al Qaeda to your every wish and whim”.

So, if you feel  like someone’s been watching you, but you’re not sure how to let them know, why not play them this song?

Happy Valentines!

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