Kickstart Heroine Cosmetics: Be Your Own Hero!

Geeks, I bring thrilling news! There’s a new Kickstarter campaign that aims to bring fans the fiercest makeup with the nerdy packaging we deserve. Sarah Cliff is the nerd behind Heroine Cosmetics, and she has a vision. As Sarah tells it, she was in Sephora picking up some eyeshadows and wishing they carried products that were more to her interests; every eyeliner loving nerd has been there. There is chocolate themed make-up, solar system themed make-up, and even a collection themed around Pulp Fiction, so why shouldn’t cosmetics pay homage to our favorite comics and video games? Instead of hoping and wishing, Sarah decided to do something about it and Heroine Cosmetics was born. The concept is that women can be as geeky and as girly as they want so she created a product that will appeal to both make-up junkies and hardcore Whovians. Her rally cry is that we should all be our own heroes, and with that kind of a pitch, it’s a guarantee that fan girls will be more than happy to style themselves as superheroes.

Sarah is offering a variety of fun products, Heroine Cosmetics will be producing themed collections centered around its customers favorite fandoms. Cute magnetic pallets will be refillable and feature licensed artwork and booths at conventions mean that you can check out swatches before you buy. While the current line-up only consists of eyeshadows, there are plans to expand to eyeliners, glitter, blushes, and lip products and a brick and mortar store. Perhaps the best part of Sarah’s plans is her cosplay kits that will include everything you need to recreate your favorite character’s look. Just imagine, next time you want to slip into your vine body suit and embody Poison Ivy, every shade of green could be ready and waiting for you right there in one helpful kit! There are only a couple of weeks left in her campaign so make sure you head over to Kickstarter and show them some love! You can see all of her planned pallets below.

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