Lego Announces Doctor Who Set

Yesterday Lego announced the winning entries in the latest round of the Lego Ideas contest.  And the news had fans of Doctor Who around the world shouting “allons-y” in excitement.

For the first time in the show’s fifty year run The Doctor shall be making appearing as Lego mini-figures.  According to the information provided the new set, tentatively being called ‘The Doctor Who and Companions’, will feature several different incarnations of The Time Lord along with his corresponding companions and a selection of the series most iconic creatures.

And of course that oh so recognizable Blue Box which will sit comfortably at a street corner along Totters Lane where the series began so many years ago.

If the Ghostbusters and Back to the Future sets produced through the Ideas contest can be taken as any indication of the quality that the Doctor Who set will be, then fans everywhere can look forward to a FANTASTIC new addition to their collections.


Other entries included in the last round of voting included the X-Mansion, Wayne Manner and the Ghostbusers fire house.  In addition to the Doctor Who set, a model of WALL-E, everyone’s favorite adorable little robot was also voted into production.  The release date and the exact nature of the sets have not been announced but we shall keep everyone posted once that information becomes available.

For more information on the Lego Ideas Program and to see the sets currently under judging along with more information on the Doctor Who set check out the Lego Ideas site.

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