Listen To: Walk Off The Earth’s ‘Summer Vibe’

Alright, this may not be a rager and you’re not going to scratch your head over how five folks can play one guitar but you will BOP BOP AWAY-O along with this summertime jam. And given that it’s a holiday for our neighbours to the South (and we are still recovering from our Canada Day weekend hangovers) this is exactly the tune we need on a day like today.

Walk Off The Earth are back (did they ever leave?) and after giving us covers of tracks by Gotye, Nirvana, Adele and others here’s the brand new video for their original, soon to be  hit, ‘Summer Vibe.’

Let’s see if we can give WOTE’s new vid as many YouTube hits as they racked up covering ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ (124 million and counting). Can you dig it?

Cover photo: Paul Buceta

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