The Nerds Podcast: Captain Canuck

The Nerds were very fortunate to have a chance to talk with Kalman Andrasofsky about Chapter House’s reboot of Captain Canuck.  He also shares what it is like to be a comic creator in Canada, showing us the benefits and difficulties being north of the 49th parallel can bring.

If you are a fan of Captain Canuck, or you’re just trying to figure out where to start in comics in Canada, this is a great listen for you.  Keep your ears peeled for a special announcement Kalman has for an upcoming series by Chapter House.  What, an exclusive?  How did that happen?

If you want to check out Kalman’s other work, you can follow him on twitter @evilkalman or on instagram.  Don’t forget to check out his Tumblr, I am Kalman to check out his portfolio.  Give him a follow, and don’t forget to say hello.

The Nerds is also being sponsored by Text From Superheroes.  If you love comic books and smart comedy, this is web comic for you.  They also run the YouTube channel, Sketches From Superheroes.  You will love their X-men Thanksgiving sketch.  How often does Wolverine clean those claws?


With special thanks to CanadianPeaceMaker for the amazing image.



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