The Nerds Podcast: Ghostbusters

It is time to talk about summer blockbusters, and there have been winners and losers this summer.  One of the winners this summer has been Ghostbusters.  Jen has done a review of Ghostbuster which you can check out over here.  Go read it and see if you agree or disagree with her views.

We brought in previous guests, Lindsay and Jocelyn to give their expert opinions on the movie.  There also new nerds, Meaghan and Rachel, to share their thoughts on what the all female Ghostbusters means.

The Nerds jump deep into what it means to the future of the film industry, and the future of production to have Ghostbusters made with a female dominated cast.  If you have time, hit the play button and listen to what these brilliant minds have to say.

We dive into the concept of ruined childhoods. To which, College Humor made an awesome video about what a ruined child is, and it’s fantastic, you should check them out.

Have you seen Ghostbusters?  Did you agree with our analysis or Jen’s review?


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