The Nerds Podcast: Jessica Jones

Seasons greetings and happy holidays to everyone.  The Nerds bring you the gift of Jessica Jones, er, Jessica Jones via the medium of Netflix and podcasting.  We’ve all had some time to watch and digest Marvel’s latest foray into Netflix; it can be a heavy meal to eat, but it was delicious.  Caution, if you haven’t seen it yet, there will be spoilers.

Diana, James, Miles, and myself talked about the strengths the show had, the difficulties it had, and how are we going to love David Tennant after seeing him as a terrifying monster.  Spoilers, he’s kind of the most loveable person in the universe, regardless of the evil villain he’s playing.

It is a strong series that diverts away from the comics, but still fulfills all the nerdly goodies we could want.

Have you finished Jessica Jones?  Did you binge watch it, and did it give you some type of mental trauma as you binged?  Did we all forget that the Purple Man has regeneration powers?  Will we see season 2 ordered?  Let us know in the comments below?

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Please note, we did not get the episode up in time for the The Secret Loves of Geek Girls Launch Party.  It was an awesome event, you should pick up a copy.  You can find it for sale at the Page & Panel at the Toronto Reference Library, or you can order it online at Hope Nicholson’s website, both paper and electronic.


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