The Nerds Podcast: X-Men Apocalypse

The third movie in the trilogy always sucks, right Jean?

Lindsay, James, and Miles come together to talk about Bryan Singer’s latest installment in the X-Men franchise.  It is a movie full of all star talent, that falls short of expectations.  It may be that it is in the shadow of Captain America: Civil War, or is the movie not strong enough on its own?

There was a lot of success with First Class and Days of Future Past.  Maybe it was because our expectations were set too high?  What was it about this movie that everyone seemed bored.  There were a few great performances, but not from the people you’d expect.  It wasn’t all negative, there were some brilliant moments.

Oscar Isaac was great, as well as Alexandra Shipp, but when you have heavy weights like Fassbender, Lawerence, and McAvoy, you’re expecting a lot more out of the movie.  For the most part, it felt like a lot of them had nothing to do.

I sort of fought Apocalypse, but had to tone it down to let others shine.

I sort of fought Apocalypse, but had to tone it down to let others shine. In theory, I can solve all the X-men’s problems.

All in all, X-Men: Apocalypse wasn’t the worst movie, but it wasn’t the best.  Hopefully Fox and Marvel can find away to work out a deal, so that we can all see our favourite franchises live in the same universe.  There’s going to be a reality gem, why not just bend the fabrics of space and time a little bit?  I’m sure the Watcher won’t mind too much.

Did you watch X-Men: Apocalypse?  Did you agree with our thought on the movie? Is Apocalypse just really into landscaping?  Let us know in the comments below.

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