Real-life Gundam in the works by Japan?

Remember when Bandai built those 59 feet high, 35 tonne Gundam statues in Japan and we all gushed in our panties about the possibilities of flying around in real Mecha suits?

Turns out we may just get the opportunity to see that in our life time. Well, hopefully anyways. Members of the current ruling party of Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party, are actually proposing a real-life Gundam as an option for Japan’s military and perhaps for industrial use – quote industrial end quote – riiiiiight, for making cars and stuff right?

Either way, can you imagine if these went into production? How awesome is it that even military is influenced by creative anime nerds? We really ARE ruling the world!

Even if they DID decide to go ahead with this, can you imagine the cost? These replicas alone were $725,000,000 and that’s without actual robotics. Unless of course they really ARE robots – in disguise. Oh wait, wrong franchise.

Pics and video below.

Just for shits n’ giggles, I thought I’d include this neat time lapse video of it being build in Odaiba, Japan.

Source: Critiques4Geeks

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