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D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 4

Hakh v. Cyanwrath Round II After the defeat of Fluram Mondath, the heroes delve deeper into the cave.  Revenge is on the mind of Hakh, while Vondal questions the decisions of the group. What is this cult, and what do they want with a massive amount of treasure?  The involvement of dragons can only signal […]

D&D Podcast: Players Round Table

A Brief Interlude We took a break from gaming during the campaign.  Our beloved dwarven cleric was called to far away lands, Miles had a business trip in Japan, lucky duck. We took this time to sit down and talk about how D&D 5E was doing as a system, what the characters think, and what […]

D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 3

Ed’s note:  This is part 3 of our ongoing D&D podcast.  Be sure to check out both Part 1 and Part 2! Ethics in Dungeon Crawling It’s almost the end of the week, which means more D&D to kick off the weekend. Our heroes continue on in The Hoard of the Dragon Queen.  After saving […]

D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 2

Cry Freedom Our heroes have survived the night.  There are some questions that need to be answered, and some skulls that need to be mauled.  Join Locian, Hakh, Vondal, Paela, and Tarek as they go in pursuit of the Greenest raiders. What is this Cult of the Dragon, and what do they want? We jump […]

D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 1

Your browser does not support HTML5 audio. Please update your browser to view this media content. What happens when six guys are sitting at a table with murder, mayhem, and profit on their mind?  Just about anything? GEEKPR0N presents Wizards of the Coast: The Hoard of the Dragon Queen.   A set campaign module for Dungeons […]

The Walking Dead Web Series is Here!

Well it wouldn’t be Halloween month if we didn’t feature zombies in some way. Personally, I was a fan of The Walking Dead so seeing these webisodes really got my gears going (in a good way). So here you have it folks, 6 webisodes of The Walking Dead. Enjoy!

How Thor Should Have Ended

The guys over at How It Should Have Ended have come up with another great one, this time Thor. I probably would have done the same, cause you know, I’m all Thor-like. Hot right? Wait, DC and Marvel together in one cartoon? NERDRAGE!