Help Fund “The Secret Loves of Geek Girls” Kickstarter!

Comic book publisher and former Geekpr0n contributor, Hope Nicholson has launched her third Kickstarter campaign! This time she’s seeking funding for the publication of a non-fiction anthology entitled, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls.

After a couple of very successful campaigns which reprinted two of Canada’s lost comic characters, Nelvana of the Northern Lights and Brok Windsor, Hope is venturing into a new, yet increasingly popular, field of giving geek girls their own voice.

“Our stories don’t get told and we’re not reflected in the media. If we watch Revenge of the Nerds or Big Bang Theory, who are we supposed to identify with?” asked Hope. Part of the impulse to create this anthology was to let other geek girls know that they are not alone and yes — despite what the media shows — dating is hard for girls too.

Contrary to the title, Hope didn’t intent the book to be full of confessional pieces. There’s a blend of humour pieces, thought pieces on the role of fan fiction, as well as the challenges of conventions. The intent is for women to get an insight into a shared experience, “to let others know that despite different walks of life, occupations, ages, sexualities, and ethnicities, as fans or creators, we all have similar stories, or stories strange enough to make everyone’s own strangeness feel normal.” There’s a blend of comics, art, and prose from contributors as young as 16 and as old as 77 – because regardless of the surprise to the media, there have always been geek girls. Hope is especially pleased that Canada’s literary grand dame, Margaret Atwood, has agreed to contribute an original four panel comic.

One great aspect of this project is that the largest portions of the funds raised are going to pay the contributors, as will 75% of any funds raised over the $37,000 budget. Sadly the second largest item is shipping (grr Canada Post’s monopoly). While this is the first week of the campaign, it will run until July 24, with the goal to have the finished books ready for the holiday shopping season.

BedsidePressThis is the second venture from Nicholson’s own Bed Side Press, taking the oft used internet taunt, if you don’t like it then make it yourself, to heart. Now the trick is to see, if she builds it, will they fund?


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