D&D Podcast Season II: The Rise of Tiamat Part 1

We are back, and what a year it has been.

We have been recording all summer, fall, and winter, and we are ready to launch Season II of the D&D Podcast.

There’s a lot to catch up on.  The party coming into Greenest, the discovery of the Cult of the Dragon, tailing the hoard of the dragon queen north to Waterdeep, meeting with Talis the White, slaying Rezmir the Black, and Hazirwan.  If you need to refresh your memories of the previous adventures, you can check out our play list here.

Our cast remains the same, you can find them all on twitter and send us tweets and comments about the episodes.

The Cast:

Paela -Halfing Monk, played by James Fraser (@jamfraser)

Locian Moonshadow -Half Elf Warlock, played by Evan Dickson (@EVDickson)

Tarek the Bard of Destiny -Dragonborn Bard, played by Tom Chounpanh (@tchounpahn)

Vondal Loedrr -Dwarven Cleric, played by Miles Baker (@MilesABaker)

Hakh -Half Orc Barbarian, played by Trevor Coleman (@trevorcoleman)

The DM -Human Ginger, played by Jon Robertson (@Fotoguy79)

Give everyone a follow on twitter, and send them any questions you may have.  Please forgive any lapses in rules, as it is a game of remembering.

We are all excited to bring you the new season, we’ve been working hard to find time to record and create a story that you’ll want to follow.  We can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

We now leave you at the camp of a giant army, the heroes have the Black Dragon Mask, the sword Hazirwan, and a lot of questions left to answer.

The Rise of Tiamat begins.

We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making it.

May the dice ever be in your favour.

C"mon natural 20.

C”mon natural 20.

Music supplied by: Incompetech “Black Vortex” by Kevin Macleod

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