D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 3

When swords become frenemies.

After having plunged into the depths of Diderius’ Tomb, things took a turn sideways for the adventurers.  After having fought a tile chimera and falling victim to numerous traps, they finally capture Varram the White.  It, however, was not without consequence.

Paela decides she wants to open the sarcophagus, and see what the old wizard has been hiding.  The mummy lord is not the only dangers that lurk in the depths of Diderius’ Tomb.  Tarek and his Head Smashers have a growing threat in the hands of their most dangerous member, Hakh.

Hazirawn’s influence grows even more on Hakh.  The barbarian has involuntarily attacked his own party members, but with Varram the White tied up in a corner, what’s to stop him from reenacting his old ways of butchering prisoners?

The group has to confront Hakh about his relationship with the sword.  He is growing more dangerous and unpredictable with each passing day.  Can they turn their backs on the loveable, yet murdering, half-orc?  What will it take to free him from Hazirawn’s grasp?

It's hard not to hate a sword wielding, murder happy, half-orc barbarian.

It’s hard not to hate a sword wielding, murder happy, half-orc barbarian.

There is still a whole tomb to explore, and the bearded devils and undead wraiths to deal with.  What dangers will they continue to find within the Tomb of Diderius?

What do you think Hakh will do about Hazirawn?  What do you think the group will do when they confront Hakh about his murderous partner in crime?  Has your D&D group ever had to make a hard moral choice?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Special thanks to Alex García P for his awesome Mummy Lord image. Go check out his fantastic work here.

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