D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 5

There was a dragon fight!

dragon fight

Dragons, amirite?








What do you get when you put a group of adventurers in a cave with a dragon?  You get conflict.  There’s no other way to say it, there’ll be a conflict.

Tarek and his Head Smashers are in pursuit of the Draakhorn, an ancient device used to control and communicate with chromatic dragons.  Their travels in the North have landed them on an ice flow that is home to a tribe of ice hunters.  They are not as welcoming as must ice hunters are, and offer some resistance to the groups arrival.  They discover that the tribe is hiding a deep secret.

In the depths of the ice berg was the lair of a white dragon named: Arauthator.

The combat gets intense as everyone flashes back to the fight they had against the cult, where Vondal was slain by a young blue dragon.  It’s one of the more tense episodes of seasons.  After all this time fighting against the Cult of the Dragon, the group finally encounters a dragon, in a dungeon.

What was the first time you fought a dragon in D&D?  How did the fight go?  What would your tactics be to fight a white dragon inside it’s own lair?  Let us know in the comments below.


Music by Incompetech.

Special thanks to Ned Rogers for the image.

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