Jedi Ninjas

How much do I love GakAttack? Man this kid’s awesome! In his latest video we have a bunch of Ninja Sith’s squaring off against a Jedi in this awesome fight scene.

Jedi Ninjas was developed as a passion project to recreate the current style of Star Wars action seen in video games into live action. This style often combines elements of Force powers with the use lightsaber combat. As there are no upcoming live action Star Wars movies to this date, this was a project to make many of the fans’ dreams into a reality.

Team 2X is a professional martial arts performance consisting of members with experience in Hollywood films and television. With their unique talent in creating mind blowing fight sequences and GakAttack’s passion for combining Visual FX with Martial Arts action. Jedi Ninjas became the result of this collaboration.

Jedi Ninjas is a collaboration between Team 2X and Gakattack. Directed by James Mark and Justin Lovell. Concept & produced by James Mark and Yung Lee (GakAttack). Action Designed by and Featuring Team2x. Visual FX by Yung Lee (GakAttack)

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