The Nerds Podcast: Star Wars The Force Awakens

It’s been long enough.  I think we can all talk about Star Wars without spoiling it for anyone.  That being said, caution, there are spoilers in this podcast and post.  You can also check out Matthew’s articles and reviews on The Force Awakens as well.

James, Diana, Miles and myself get to nerd out over Star Wars the Force Awakens.  We talk about what we loved and what stuck out to us.  We dive a bit into the expanded universe and the crazy conspiracy theories out there.  Who are Rey’s parents?  What’s going on with Kylo?  Are Finn and Poe the greatest bromance to happen in the past decade?

It feels good to feel good about Star Wars again.  We talk about fighting with a cross guard light sabre, I called the pitons, wrong.  I goofed, they’re quillons, and you can fight with them.  Here is the video showing how someone well versed in sword fighting would use a cross guard lightsaber.

There’s only 11 months left before we get to see Star Wars Rogue, which means we have 365 days to speculate and fan out over more adventures in a galaxy far, far, away.

What did you love about Star Wars The Force Awakens?  Is BB-8 the most adorable addition to the droid verse?  How bad ass is a fully healed Kylo-Ren going to be?  How many times have you seen it in theaters?  Let us know in the comments below.

Let’s all adjourn this meeting until November, when we can all dive into Rogue One.


Gotta go line up for tickets already.


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