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Community Fan Art: Dungeons & Dragons & It Was Advanced

“Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” ranks high among my my favourite episodes of Community. Not only is it brilliantly acted, the concept of having the characters sit around a table and describe to the audience what is happening was incredible bold and was flawlessly executed. It is a testament to the writers, actors and director that this insane concept took off and made an excellent half-hour of television. I can’t watch the episode without actually visualizing at least parts of the imaginary adventures the study- group embarked on. I was thrilled to discover that one of my favourite Community fan artists, Ben Deguzman, has created an illustration inspired by this episode.

Read more to see Ben Deguzman’s vision of what the Greendale Study Group look like as their Dungeons & Dragons characters. It is wonderfully awesome:


This illustration is inspired not only by Community’s D&D episode, but also the D&D cartoon from the ’80s.

“Dungeons & Dragons & It was Advanced” stars:

– Chang as Presto / Brutalitops (Magic User, Baby!)
– Britta as Sheila / Lavernica (with Boots… Belt…)
– Troy as Hank / Bing-Bong, the Archer and such
– Annie as Eric / Hector the Well Endowed
– Abed as Dungeon Master / Dungeon Master / Elf Maiden / Kyle the Gnome
– Jeff as Bobby / Marrrrrr
– Dean as Uni (or Deani the Deanicorn)
– Shirley as Diana / Zippedy-Doo

(top row)
– Pierce Hawthorne as Venger / Pierce Hawthorne (the dickish)
– Neil as StrongHeart / Ducane of the Clan Ducane
– Dan Harmon as Bahamut / Draconus

Find more of Ben Deguzman’s work on his DeviantArt page.


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