D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 10

Cry Freedom II

The adventurers discover the hoard of the dragon queen is being smuggled to an ancient castle.  The money is constantly on the move, while the dogged heroes pursue it.  Paela strikes off on her own adventure, armed with only her fists and a few words in Draconic, both of these assets pay off.  She encounters a tribe of lizard-folk who are in need of a hero.  Lucky for them, Paela knows just where to find a group of them.

The lizardmen are the ones moving the hoard of the dragon queen to castle Naerytar, in exchange for some help from the adventurers, the lizardmen will help the heroes, they just have to watch out for the “walking grass.”

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If you’ve missed out on previous episodes, you can catch the first one here.

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