D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 11

The Thing in the Garbage

The group infiltrates Castle Naerytar with the help of Snapjaw.  They’re where the hoard of the dragon queen is being housed, but a castle is a mighty thing to tackle.  They must get by the “Thing in the Garbage” that has the lizardmen terrified of using the secret passage.

The Thing in the Garbage

The Thing in the Garbage, can you identify it?

They also run into an ancient study full of secrets and star charts.  Will they disturb the undead that rest there?  The answer is yes, yes they do.

How will the heroes establish a foothold in the castle?  Will Tarek and the Headsmashers get their heads smashed?  How many specters does it take to rattle a cleric?  Tune in and find out.

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Sinceriously, do not grapple the barbarian.  It’s lethal.

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