D&D Podcast Season II: Rise of Tiamat Part 13

It’s Hard to Shake the Blue…Dragons.

There’s nothing like coming out of a dungeon and running into a blue dragon.  As if Xonthal’s Tower wasn’t hardship enough, the Cult threw one more dragon at the group.  However, it is a dragon they have faced before.  Let’s go back to the first ever D&D Podcast and remember what happened at the village of Greenest.  A blue dragon attacked the Head Smashers, and if it wasn’t for Hakh’s javelin skills, the story would have a different outcome.  The dragon is back for revenge, and its sights are locked on Hakh.  How much did Xonthal’s Tower take out of the characters?  Is Iskender healthy enough to help fight off Lennithon?

If the Head Smashers win they will have a second dragon mask.  With it, they can deal another blow to the Cult and their ability to finish the ritual.  If they survive, there are problems that require the group’s attention.  Waterdeep is not as secure as it has been, and the Cult’s reach is long, and its spies are deep.  There will be political strife to deal with back at home.

On a personal note, we recorded this podcast back in February.  At the time, Sebastian, was getting to be an older guy.  He was always a background character in Season 1, and he was chatting away with everyone in Season 2.  He passed away on February 13th.  He was asleep on his favourite chair and he was surrounded by his family.  It caught me off guard when I listened to the recording.  I knew it was coming, but I didn’t realize how soon it would pop up.  It’s one of those moments that feels like it was yesterday, and like it was six months ago.  He was with me through the worst of it, and he was with me through the best of it.

I miss my friend.

RIP Lil Buddy,

RIP, Lil Buddy

Thank you for indulging me, it has been a rough winter.  We will get back to jokes and dice rolling.  Hug your pets tight tonight.

Music by Incompetech.

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