D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 13

Dealing with the Devil

The heroes are close to their goal.  The Hoard of the Dragon Queen has been cut off from the cult.  Rezmir the Black is on the run.  Tarek and the Headsmashers are in control of Castle Naerytar.  They only have Rezir the Black left, and she has retreated to Sky Reach Castle.  How hard could it be to storm a flying castle?

Can she be trusted?

Can she be trusted?

The group has to make a choice at the hunting lodge.  Either fight their way the front gate or deal with Talis the White.  Can this Wyrmspeaker from the Cult of the Dragon be trusted?  It sends the heroes into an ethical debate.  Have they done enough by denying the Hoard of the Dragon Queen to the cult, or do they need to take out the leadership as well?  Join the adventure for the second last episode.

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Join us next week for the finale, it will be an awesome one.

Punching the giant pile of acid can be dangerous.

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