D&D Podcast: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 5

The Party at Eltruel

Our group of adventurers head for the city of Eltruel.  The group hopes to learn more about the Cult of the Dragon, and what they plan to do with the massive amount of treasure they’ve plundered.  They also look to reunite with Leosin, and inquire about the dragon eggs they’ve acquired.

They meet a paladin named Ontharr Frume, who is more forthcoming with his drinks than he is with his information.  With a giant festival planned for the city, will the heroes have time to enjoy a break in their pursuit, or will the cult take advantage of their break?

The D&D group will be without their barbarian, Hakh.  Trevor had to take care of his puppy (she is alright,) after she strained her legs running in the park.  We all jump in and play for Trevor, as any D&D group would do.

What do you do if a player can’t make a game?  How does your group fill in for them?  Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on twitter.

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